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our services are a bit of all the things we love to do; our design offerings make sure you can get the most out of working with Pretty Bird.

all the things we love to do

all the things we love to do

all the things we love to do

all the things we love to do

all the things we love to do

We help sustainable and conscious business owners:

  • Define their core brand values.
  • Build a visual brand strategy that is tied to your values and ethics.
  • Bring strategy to life as memorable and meaningful branding, packaging and websites that make your ideal customer stop in their tracks.

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Visual Strategy

We know that a brand is more than the visual language we use to put it out into the world. Without strategy, brand falls flat. We believe that storytelling, community connection and understanding where your brand fits into the world will always come before beautiful design. At Pretty Bird we work hard to not only get to know your business, but also you; what makes you tick, what gets you excited for life and what your vision is. We whip up all our conversations, our in depth market research and our knowledge of the marketplace into a brand strategy that guides all our design decisions.

Visual Identity Design

Strategy only goes so far, sooner or later you have to get dressed up all fancy and head to the party. Your visual identity is the way customers recognise and connect with you, but it’s also how first impressions are made. We work collaboratively with you to weave a visual story that connects your business with your dream customer. Our iconic visuals are crafted into a brand suite that fits with your ethos and values so that every brand touchpoint is consistent and memorable.


Packaging Design

It can be difficult, in a saturated online and retail market, to cut through the noise with packaging that gets your product picked up. Aesthetically pleasing packaging, be it labels, custom shipping materials, product packaging, catalogues and stunning product photography can mean everything when it comes to sales. Pretty Bird will collaborate with you on design, liaise with printers, manage the printing and production process and work with you to ensure your packaging is ethically and environmentally friendly.


Web Design

A website is a vital tool in your digital marketing arsenal and often the first way that new customers and clients find your business. We believe that even in the digital space, design can still be heartfelt and have a human touch. We craft stunning websites that bring together your story, stunning content and our iconic branding visuals to create an online space that users enjoy visiting and create conversions for your business. We also work very hard to ensure that our sites are accessible to all, and inclusive.


UX Design

Just as an iconic brand needs strategy to back it up, a successful website or digital space needs effective user experience design. UX design is about creating a beautiful and seamless journey for your customer through your digital presence; we fill in the gaps between idea and final product. We work with you to map out your customer journey, build wireframes that build towards the user experience of your digital space and use this process to make the final product more than just beautiful.


We jump at any opportunity to work on custom illustration projects and love the process of bringing your idea to life in an artistic and creative way. Custom illustrations can set your brand apart or bring your project to life in a unique way. We will work with you to produce your illustration project, beit large or small, and provide you with digital and/or print options for the finished artwork. Our illustration work will always be inclusive of all bodies, cultures and genders.


We also love working on print media marketing materials social media design copywriting document templates

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